Supporter of TLLCC

Our mission is to build a Love league of empowered, educated, proactive individuals, who will have the necessary resources to be able to reach out to impoverished children in countries throughout the world. Countries that are often burdened by religious wars or warring ideologies, and show them an alternate way of life, one of: Love, Peace, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Kindness, and Respect. Through the healing and self-expressive nature ofthe Arts, in the forms of MUSIC/SONG, FILM/VIDEO, POETRY, STORY TELLING, STEEL PHOTOGRAPHY, VISUAL ART and DANCE. We hope to inspire children with an abundance of positivity and provide them an outlet
to consider alternate ways of life, hopefully keeping them out of the streets where they can be exposed to and influenced by gangs and radical organizations. We want to have the resources available to us to make a difference in these children’s lives and to be able to truly provide value to their existence.
Given our intent, we will be in constant search of global projects that are aimed at combating the exploitative circumstances surrounding impoverished children on a global scale… We understand impoverished children to be:
1. Children of war, who have been abused, brainwashed, and forced into armies by militants or extremist religious organizations around the world.
2. Children of dysfunctional families.
3. Children who are laboring to survive financially and are being put into slave labor instead of going to school and receiving an education.
4. Children used for prostitution or exploited sexually.
5. Children suffering from hunger.
6. Child orphans. At TLLCC, we want to break children out of destructive cycles of war, conflict, abuse, and poverty. We want to enable them to choose a different future and path for themselves, one that is ultimately empowering to them, and respectful to all.
TLLCC’s policy requires that all funds raised in any country/city must be spent in the same country/city. However, the donor reserves the right to suggest and guide TLLCC where and how their donations may be spent as long as it’s in accordance with TLLCC’s policy and mission
We understand that this is a daunting task, some may even say unrealistic,and we know that this Mission will need the help of other organizations. Our goal is to open over 50 “TLLCC School of Art” primary schools and 10“TLLCC University of Art” universities within next 10 years around the globe. There will be no delay. We plan to base our activities at the orphanages around the world until our TLLCC schools are built.
Our plan is to start at the poor countries of need first, such as Afghanstan. We will aim to provide a free education for impoverished children, intertwining them in schools with people from different social-economic statuses. Local company sponsorship, local artist volunteers, and fundraising will be our tools to create these vibrant and eclectic learning environments.
However TLLCC’s policy is all funds raised at the city or country will be spent in the same city or country, unless the donor wishes otherwise.
We are seeking licensed, professional experts, private as well as government organizations, on a national and international scale Local known artists, politicians and people of influence that will help us bring this mission to light. We welcome all help and participation in this endeavor,and in locating the children who might be in need. They all will graduate as TLLCC LOVE AMBASSADORS and be able to play key roles within and outside our schools. They will be the voices of love, messengers of peace, and spread tolerance slowly around the world.
We believe they will grow up to be our LOVE AMBASSADORS drastically changing the places they choose to live and continue to grow in. We believe these schools and universities will become a child’s temple, Mosque, Church, or Shrine all rolled into one.
Thank you for visiting our site and taking a few minutes to read and get familiar with our mission. Lets think of this as a first step. We humbly encourage and invite you to actively participate and support our cause at TLLCC.