Enlightenment Presents LIFF

The Love International Film Festival (LIFF), which will benefit Lotus Light Children’s Charity (TLLCC) has been organized to promote a week of love, peace and healing through the art of cinema.

Through the power of creative energy and the efforts of filmmakers and artists alike, the world can become a unified and beautiful place. The use of images is a powerful medium of change. Even the films with bleak stories are often allegories of difficult choices, much like the fables of old. Film already breaks down the barriers of nationality in production and content.

Now films makers from  little places around the world can leap into large productions working together  to create epic visuals from their imagination.

Love International Film Festival is one of those windows you can peek through and see wonders from around the world of Love. The festival is an opportunity to acknowledge the views of the younger generations and reward these global creative journey in film making.