LIFF Film Festival 2019

2019 Love International Film Festival will be held on  September 18th – 19th at MONICA FILM CENTER in Santa Monica, .
 If you are interested in joining us as volunteers .write us at

The festival is an opportunity to acknowledge and reward these global creative efforts. In this wonderfully connected age, the art of cinema can document our efforts on a global scale. Film and filmmakers around the world are capturing the images that educate, guide us, inform us and entertain us.

As this grand sharing continues, Love International Film Festival will become one of those windows you can peek through and see wonders from around the world. I wish all of you love and peace. I wish all of you to become part of the power of love through creation of epic films, art and music, even if your part is simply gazing upon what others have created.

Love International Film Festival (LIFF),  will benefit The Lotus Light Children’s Charity (TLLCC). Our mission at TLLCC is to build a league of empowered, educated, proactive individuals who will have the necessary resources to be able to reach out to impoverished children throughout the world. Through the healing and self-expressive nature of the Arts, we hope to inspire children with an abundance of positivity and provide them an outlet.